Port of Entry

The challenge for Port of Entry Security is keeping a nation secure without adversely affecting commerce. From imported and exported goods to tourism, any restriction or reduction in the flow of either will severely impact the commerce that is, for many nations, the largest if not their only source of prosperity. Land border crossings, train crossings, airports and sea ports although sharing many similar security requirements, have unique challenges which require a broad variety of technologies to secure. The goal of the most effective Port of Entry security strategy is best described by the US’s border security mandate where “potential threats are deterred; threats and inadmissible people, goods, and conveyances are intercepted; legitimate trade and travel are facilitated; and operations and outcomes are consistent across locations and modes of transportation.”

ACS’s suite of high performance conventional technologies, along with many cutting edge innovations provides governments and their agencies with the tools and strategies to succeed in such a multifaceted environment. ACS’s automated or manned active and passive Port of Entry surveillance systems can be selectively configured to meet whatever challenges these high traffic environments present. Every ACS Detection System can be integrated in to a seamless full country security solution.






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