Goverment / Military / Police

Fixed Base Infrastructure

  • Satellite Ground Data Terminals: (SGDT)

  • Video display walls, Multi-image display, CPU, Video, Simulator inputs

  • Facility comms infrastructure systems wiring

  • IT Infrastructure layout implementation



Mobile Command center design, implementation and support

  • Rapid Deploy communications systems and terminals

  • Fly-away Satellite terminals for IP, VoIP and Video communications

  • Mobile Satellite Data and voice terminals (MSDT & MSDVT) static or on the move

  • Mobile Last mile interfacility links, (Wi-Fi and secure link voice and data)




  • Forward Tactical Reconnaissance, Interfacility command and control, Intermodal communications , Facility infrastructure and communications

  • Platforms: Data, (both asymmetrical and symmetrical), VoIP, High-speed Internet, Securecom transmissions.

  • Link Facilities: C-Band, X-Band, KU-Band, KA-Band, Tactical Fiber, Point-to-Point Microwave

  • Transmission Formats: SCPC, MCPC COFDM, DAMA, FTDMA, TDMA, plus others

  • Interfaces: DVB Video, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4

  • M & C Interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, Securelink





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