Countries with both land and coastal borders are faced with the reality that hardening their land borders has made their coastline the soft spot in their perimeter. The dynamic nature of the surface of the water as well as the relative ease and availability of underwater travel combined with the land surveillance required by the shoreline define the challenges. Incursion can also come through the air over the water as well so a comprehensive coastal detection strategy must include the airspace.

As with all ACS’s detection systems, our coastal surveillance systems utilize a spectrum of leading edge technologies to provide a wide beyond the horizon detection corridor with multiple layers of a variety of sensors to all but eliminate the chances of an unobserved movement of man or machine over and under the coastal territorial water boundary under all conditions. Our coastal surveillance systems also provide Vessel Traffic Services (VTS).

ACS’s automated or manned active and passive coastal surveillance sensor systems can be selectively configured to meet whatever challenges your marine traffic, coastal terrain and environment presents. Every ACS Detection System can be integrated in to a seamless full country security solution.






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