Metropolitan and urban areas are extremely complex and dynamic. The sheer density of human and vehicle traffic presents unique challenges for law enforcement and national security agencies alike. In this modern age of terrorism, urban centers are a high value target, any location in a city with high volume foot and vehicle traffic such as open air markets, major cross roads, religious centers, government buildings, etc. are vulnerable. Authorities worldwide are developing strategies to prevent explosive, chemical, biological and nuclear attacks in their cities. Comprehensive security schemas include real-time and historical surveillance analysis to develop predictive tactics and preventive measures.

ACS’s suite of high performance conventional technologies, along with many cutting edge innovations provides governments and their agencies with the tools and strategies to succeed in such a multifaceted environment. ACS’s automated or manned active and passive municipal surveillance sensor systems can be selectively configured to meet whatever challenges metropolitan environment presents. Every ACS Detection System can be integrated in to a seamless full country security solution.






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